Why Teens Should Play Sports

Growing up in today's society can be difficult because of external pressure from parents, friends, and social media. Teens feel the need to fit in by becoming people they are not, and it's damaging their development and growth. What these teens need are structure and discipline in their life... but also something a little fun. This is what playing a sport brings. Sports can teach a teen everything from life skills, academic significance, and fitness.

Life Skills: One of the best aspects about sports is that it prepares young athletes for real world issues. Sports is all about the highs and lows of victories and defeats, which is very similar to what adults face everyday. It's all about building mental toughness and learning how to fight through adversity. If they can learn to fight back in a football game after being down 21-0, they will know to how to get back on their feet after not getting that job in the future.

Academic Significance: When you play sports in high school, you're not an athlete, you're a student-athlete. This means that you must be able to perform on the field AND in the classroom. Students must keep their grades up in order to stay eligible for the sport they play. Once they find a sport they enjoy and want to excel at, they will be more motivated to be attentive and study in class.

Fitness: One of the main reasons I'm glad that I played sports in high school is that it has allowed me to keep a consistent workout plan years after graduating. Playing a sport teaches you the benefits of exercising and staying in shape. You learn how to properly workout and what style you enjoy the best. Too many people today fail to keep their body at a healthy state and playing sports young is a great way to start a healthy life.

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