• Jonny Banai

The Coronavirus and its Affect on sports

In March, Steve Koonin CEO of the Atlanta Hawks, pitched the idea of having the season start in December, as it would help the ratings of the NBA by getting out of the way of football in the fall. When I had heard of this, it seemed to be nothing more than an interesting thought, but with the current state of the NBA it looks like we may see this take place next season.

Following the Utah Jazz game on March 11th, without the abrupt suspension of the NBA could have had led to it spreading even faster across the states. With the suspension of all Major league sports seasons, there is no telling when this may get under control or how each league will be affected due to the outcome of COVID-19.

As this is unprecedented, no one knows how to approach this issue; everyone affected is just learning as they go. After being declared a global pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organization), it does not seem like something that will just blow over, and instead will likely affect any large event happening this summer such as NHL/NBA playoffs, MLS/MLB seasons, and the Olympics. That being said, this will have a lasting impact on each of these organizations for years to come, making Mr. Koonins pitch a viable option for the NBA.

Lastly, I hope that everyone is being cautious of the situation. Stay safe.

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