Team Vs. Individual Sports

What sports do you enjoy playing? Are they team sports, individual sports, or both? There are many options to choosing what sport to play and each one offers different benefits and challenges. When we look at team vs. individual sports though, we notice that there is a trend of skills that is required for each. Let's dive a little deeper into them.

Team Sports

Football, basketball, soccer, volleyball. These are only a few examples of what comes to mind when we think of team sports. One of the reasons people love them is because we have teammates and friends to compete with. Team sports is all about communication, trust, and chemistry. It is not about one player, but rather the whole team. These sports teach us that the game is bigger than ourselves and we must learn to work with others to accomplish a shared goal... winning. It's okay if you're not the most skilled player on the team because you can offer a different role through pure effort. An athlete who is less skilled but plays for the team will gain more from the game than somebody who is more skilled but selfish.

Individual Sports

On the other spectrum of sports lies the individual sports, such as tennis, wrestling, and many track events. These sports require more discipline from the athlete because the only competition you have is the one with yourself. There are no teammates to rely on. These sports are not typically as enjoyable as team sports because it is more difficult to push through the low points of training. If athletes are able to push through this though, they come out much more developed mentally and physically. Athletes feel more rewarded in these sports because they know that all of the work put in was by them self.

In conclusion, the sport you decide to take on will depend on the kind of person you are. If you know that you need other people around you to motivate you and excite you, team sports are probably the better route to go. But if you enjoy the lone grind and pushing yourself to the limit, then maybe you will find yourself gaining more from individual sports. The only way to really know is to go out and try all of them! Be a well rounded athlete and take on that new sport you've always been interested in.

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