Stop Comparing Them!

The Jordan-LeBron debate sorta always irks me. I personally do not like comparing these two players. For one thing, they are from a different era of the game. Jordan had to deal with the Bad Boys, hand checks, and some of the most dominant bigs the game has seen. LeBron has to deal with the Warriors, the hate, and some the best guards and skilled forwards the game has seen. The style of the game was different between the eras. The Jordan era was dominated by bigs and the game showed it. It was very slow paced and very methodical. LeBron’s era is dominated by guards and 7-foot forwards who can literally hit from 40. The game is centralized around the three pointer and very fast paced.

Another reason to stop comparing the two is that they are totally two different kind of players. Jordan is going to take over the game by scoring as much as possible and trying to stop the opposing team’s best player. Jordan was one of, if not the, most prominent scorers of the game. He wanted to flat out embarrass his opponents. The moment Jordan sensed a weakness, he would put his foot on your neck and not step off, if anything, he would step down harder. LeBron, on the other hand, dominates the game in all aspects. Yes, LeBron can take over a game like Jordan and score a bunch of points, but that is not the player LeBron is. LeBron is a team player, a facilitator, he wants to get everyone involved. LeBron receives heat for not having the “killer instinct” that Jordan has. However, this shouldn’t and doesn’t bother him because LeBron knows the player he is and that him and Jordan are completely different players.

The only thing that I would compare between Jordan and Lebron is their dominance of the game. They both would just absolutely take control of the game. The ways they took it over was different however. Jordan did it with his scoring and attitude on the court. LeBron just nearly dominates every single statistical category there is. So outside of their dominance, can we please stop comparing these two players? How about we just stop comparing players all together and just appreciate the greatness that we are able to watch.

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