Should High School Basketball Have a Shot Clock?

A few seasons ago, Boone High School defeated the defending state champion Oak Ridge 20-16 in a high school basketball game. This was huge upset but raised a lot of controversy across social media because of the way in which Boone won. Rather than looking to score on offense, the team would hold the as long as possible to let time run by. At halftime Boone was down 3-0. The only reason the score reached 20-16 was because Oak Ridge began fouling in the fourth quarter so Boone would shoot free throws and they could get the ball back. This was clearly a great strategy by Boone but must've been horrible to watch as a fan.

The NBA and NCAA both have shot clocks to prevent this but high school basketball does not. Should a shot clock be implemented into high school?

This simple question has a simple answer: Yes. Adding a shot clock to high school basketball will better prepare the players for college basketball. Since college basketball uses a shot clock it makes plenty of sense for high school to do the same. The shot clock would clearly solve the problem seen in the Boone High School vs. Oak Ridge game. The shot clock was naturally create a faster pace to the game. This will also encourage more defense. Currently, teams can pass around the ball and force the defense to rotate as long as they want because there is no shot clock. Teams often do this to wear out the other team's defense. A shot clock would force the offense to be more aggressive and defenses would play harder because it would be for a shorter amount of time.

There is no clear downside to adding a shot clock to high school basketball. It will be more entertaining for the fans but more importantly it will encourage more basketball for the players.

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