Shooter’s Mentality

The difference between a great shooter and just your average shooter is their mentality. A great shooter is a person who is confident in their ability to shoot the basketball but does not get too down on a miss and does not get too high on a make. They just stay focused on one thing and one thing only: the next shot. Great shooters keep level headed, emotions in check, and confidence high. But confidence doesn’t mean that you have to be arrogant. It simply means that you have a confidence that can’t be shaken by external circumstances.

A great shooter is not born. A great shooter is someone who put hours on hours in the gym and on their jump shot. They also put hours and hours into developing the right mindset. Former sharpshooter and current Golden State head coach Steve Kerr believed he had to “trick his mind” because he thought it was just too easy to let his mind go to those “dark places” where negativity resides. “Why give yourself one other thing to overcome out there? You have to overcome your own clutter in your own mind, and not add to it,” Kerr said. Kerr used to watch his highlights before a game to see himself in a groove and it would put him in a positive mindset. A positive mindset will lead to more makes. Once the slightest doubt of a miss comes into your mind, you have already missed the shot before you took it. Great shooters always believe in themselves and their ability. They do not worry about misses because they know everyone is going to miss. They just focus on the next shot and let it fly.

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