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10 Basketball Trainers You Need to Follow on Instagram

Instagram has quickly turned into the wild west. So many people, so many accounts, it is difficult to navigate anywhere anymore. I have decided to compile this list for any aspiring basketball players out there that are looking to improve themselves. This list is in no specific order, just the best 10. If you have the time, check all of them out and see how much you can learn!

1. HandleLife (@handlelife)

  • From skill videos, to highlights, to breaking sports news, HandleLife has you covered. With multiple trainers under their brand, they offer a variety of content and knowledge to their page. For athletes that are looking to engage with trainers, HandLife is also offering online classes to improve your ball handling skills.

2. Micah Lancaster (@micah_lancaster)

  • When you think of a professional basketball trainer, Micah is as professional as they come. Having worked with multiple NBA players, he offers advanced knowledge and tips to help elevate your game to the next level. Micah puts out daily content on his account and teaches you to look at the game in ways you never have before.

3. Jordan Lawley (@jlawbball)

  • Engaging, creative, and entertaining are just a few words to describe Jordan. His page offers everything from challenges to win prizes, training videos, TikTok highlights, and much more. He is a great page for young athletes to follow and learn from.

4. Tyler Relph (@tylerrelph10)

  • Hoop Dynamic founder, Tyler Ralph, is simply one of the best trainers in the game. With an extensive knowledge and background, he has been pumping out numerous content for you to see on his account. If you like what you see, he has much more to offer on his YouTube channel and online training program.

5. Coleman Ayers (@byanymeansbasketball)

  • Details, details, details. That's the best way to describe what Coleman brings to the table. He goes deep into the game of basketball to show you why the little things matter. His page is full of unique content that you will NOT find anywhere else! He also offers online classes to keep you active at home.

6. Shane Hennen (@hennen_workouts)

  • Residing in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Shane has become one of the top basketball trainer in his area. He puts out daily content on his Instagram account, showing off drills and moves that you can practice at home. He works with athletes of all ages and skills, so there is something to learn for everyone.

7. Teohn Conner (@thebasketballtrainer)

  • If you are looking for someone that is passionate about their job, look no further than Teohn Conner. With new content everyday, Teohn likes to mix it up between basketball drills and motivational talks. He will get your mindset right and get you ready to put in the work.

8. Camille LeNoir (@truepointguard)

  • For any athletes that are looking for a female role model, check out Camille's page. Her contents are very high quality and go in depth with whatever message she is trying to deliver. She gives out great drills to work on at the gym and offers even better advice to push through any adversity.

9. Jeremy Bauman (@formshooting)

  • Shooting a basketball is an art, and Jeremy is one of the best artists. His page is full of tips and knowledge about how you can improve your jump shot. He breaks down the forms of all your favorite NBA players and offers easy drills for you to practice.

10. Tyshawn Patterson (@trainingpassioninc)

  • If you find yourself lacking the motivation to put in work, just hit up Tyshawn's page and he will get you going! He understand that this game is a grind, and he shares that passion through all of his content. Skills will get you far in this game, but competitiveness will get you to the top.

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