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What is For All Athletics?

For All Athletics is a business that serves North Central Florida for basketball training and skills development. Anything that has to do with basketball, whether it is increasing in-game IQ, or improving skills or athleticism, For All Athletics has you covered.

Does For All Athletics mean you have training for all types of sports?

Hopefully someday! Our current goal is to grow as a basketball training company that is a good fit "for all" athletes looking to excel in the sport of basketball, then branch into training for other sports once growth opportunities present themselves. What makes For All Athletics different than working out with other trainers or team coaches is that we don't discriminate based on eye test, skill level or age. We welcome all athletes into training who have the correct mindset, and love the game of basketball.

Where is For All Athletics training located?

For All Athletics, LLC is based out of Gainesville, FL. We have several gym locations for training available. If you are not located in Gainesville, we can make ourselves available for travel training. Just contact us via the "Contact Us" page for special training requests. Additional fees will apply for travel training.

What age do you recommend starting training?

For All Athletics has worked with athletes as young as 5 years old. We believe that age should not be the deciding factor for training. Whenever the athlete realizes they absolutely love basketball, they are eligible to train. If the passion is there, we can cultivate the results.

Why choose For All Athletics over other training options?

Parents always ask... "Why choose For All Athletics LLC as their training option over other local options or even just working out in practices with coaches?". The simple answer is no other training program offers everything we do for player development. We utilize each of the following, making us one of the most comprehensive training programs in Gainesville and North Central Florida: -Booking and training app which makes our booking and availability easier to view, plus many other exciting new feautures. -Paper copies of clear and precise development plans, scouting reports and more to ensure the player is fully understanding where they need to improve and where they excel. -Film Study videos available to teach players by visualization and imitating the best players in the game. -Interns at the workout to maximize workouts and focus on the player development.

Basketball Training

What does your average training session look like?

An average training session looks like the following:

  1. Warm-up excercises and stretches followed by a warm up drill. Warm up drill is designed to get the athlete to break a sweat early so they can settle into the session.
  2. Introduction to the session. Inform athlete(s) of the skill of the day which our focus will be on.
  3. Progression level 1. Introduction to the skill of the day. Usually a light drill which shows the general idea of how we would use the skill.
  4. Progression level 2. Build on intensity level and show exactly how important the skill is. Also shows the athlete(s) different variety of ways a certain skill can be used.
  5. Progression level 3. Full game-speed drill that builds on the others. Intensity level and physicality of drill should attempt to mimic a game for optimal in-game results.
Depending on skill level of athlete, more progressions can be added.

My athlete is an absolute beginner. Would they benefit from basketball training?

If your athlete has a passion for basketball, we can cultivate the results no matter the skill level or age! Just make sure they come with the mentality that training won't be easy and they must look to push themselves to become the best player they can be.


Do I have to log-in to book a session?

An account with For All Athletics is required to book a session because we need to verify all information with the client prior to booking.

How do I schedule a session?

There are 2 types of session to book:

  • (Group Workout & Runs) Booking a session for yourself to join the 90 minute large group workout.
  • (Semi-Private) Booking a semi-private session that lasts 60 minutes and requires at least 1 partner to be matched with you.
Group Workout & Runs
  1. Go to the booking page
  2. Select "Group Workout & Runs" the select the week you would like to attend.
  3. Once you select "Book It" and get through the payment process, you will recieve a confirmation email and you're all set for the session, nice and easy.
  1. Go to the booking page
  2. Select "Semi-Private Scheduling Session" and select the time of the week you would like to pick. The partner system is oerlooked by our interns and the matching is set by the player who schedules a session first is the one who sets the player type for the workout. All potential partners who schedule after, must fit the player type of the first who booked. If they don't match that player-type then they will be contacted by one of our coaches/trainers for other times for training that may work for them.
  3. Your request will be reviewed to make sure you have a point balance to pay for the session as well as making sue that you fit the player-type for the session. If not contacted within the next 24 hours of the session then that means you are confirmed for the workout and are good to go! Any questions about location, please feel free to contact your Coach.
For questions concerning pre-paying correctly so you can freely schedule your session, select the "How do I pay for training" question under the booking FAQ. Scheduling options are also available on our app! Link below to download!

Why can't I select a time I want for training?

When booking, only the times and dates that are available will be bolded. If the session time is unavailable (booked or blocked off), you can't train during that time. You can, of course, always send us a message and ask if we can accomodate any special timing requests. You can find our variety of contact information on the contact page here on

Why am I unable to view booking pages without signing in?

For access to pricing and booking information, you must login. Our accounts are very easy to create, you can even use your Google or Facebook login to create a For All Athletics Family account. Once you put in information for account creation, you will be given immediate access to our prices. If you have any questions concerning this information, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Is there an app to use for booking?

For All Athletics now offers a training and booking app to help players and parents book easier and see availability week in and week out. Click the link below to get access to download the app, then simply use your login for the booking website and you're given full access to our booking app. If you haven't created a login yet, you can create one through the app to use on the ebsite as well. NOTE: App is only downloadable on mobile devices.

Discounts for Training Available?

We offer two options for training discounts. -Buying training sessions in bundles is the most effective way to get discounted sessions. By purchasing sessions up front, you can recieve up to 33% off the session's original pricing. If you're interested in this training option, please message us via the Contact Us page to have the session bundle pricing sent to you. -Bring a Friend Referral: If you refer a friend for training, both the client and the friend will receive a $10 credit towards future training. Just a great way for us to give back to athletes helping each other. Any other discount options come seasonally and will be posted inside of the mobile app. Download free for full access to all future specials! Link is below.

How do I pay for semi-private training?

Our payment program for training is revolved around a training point system. This point based system where you purchase points and use them towards the workouts of your choosing allow flexibility for players to be added and removed from workouts seemlessly as well as doing different types of workouts without without charging a set price per groupw workout. It now incentivizes players to bring friends if the opportunity is there. If it's not then it still incentivizes them to being open to adding players because value is added when more players are in the workout. The point based system graphic is attached below. Each point is approximately worth $10. So our group of 2 semi-private training that is worth $75 is worth 7.5 training points and so on. Our payment graphics are attached and have 2 main options.

  • "Paid in full option" which is a one time charge where you reload points on your time.
  • "Monthly membership" options which takes out recurring payments monthly. Larger discounts are added to the monthly membership options.
The way you pay is by contacting us via our contact us box here. In the contact box, let us know which pricing option you would like, either membership or our paid in full options.


If I was unsatisfied with the training, am I eligible to get a refund?

The first session is fully refundable if you are unsatisfied with the training session. Contact us via e-mail, phone call or message us through to be sent the refund form. Once the form is filled out and turned in, a refund will be processed within 3-7 business days. Any sessions after the first one are no longer eligible for a refund.

I purchased a package of sessions and was unable to use them all in a month. Can I get a refund?

The short answer is, without extenuating circumstances, our policy is to not give a refund after the first session. You accept all training bundles with the understanding that sessions must be used within a month. If you're unable to meet the requirements without an extreme situation, you're at risk of losing your sessions. If you feel your situation would qualify as extreme (sickness/death in family, personal sickness, etc.), please feel free to message us and see if you qualify. Acceptance of a refund is completely up to the disgression of our Head Trainer, Manny Torres.

I purchased memberships prior to COVID-19. Am I eligibile for a refund?

No. All members who are on memberships must use their points by Janurary 31st, 2021, or it will expire.

COVID-19 Precautions

What COVID-19 precautions are you taking during training sessions?

1) Trainers will wear mask the entire training session. 2) No interns will be allowed at training sessions. 3) Athletes will grab his/her own rebound. 4) Hand sanitzers will be available for use on location. 5) Disinfect spray will be available for use on location. 6) One basketball per person. 7) 6+ feet social distancing will be enforced.

Do I need to wear a mask during training sessions?


  • Multiple athletes training in indoor session (semi-private or big group).
  • Any type of outdoor session (private, semi-private, big group).
  • One athlete training in indoor session (private).

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