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big Group Workouts

New clients only! Get an opportunity to be evaluated by our trainers to see where your skill level is and how we at For All Athletics can help! Serious inquiries only ple...
Evaluation Session

Big Group Training

These training sessions allow the athlete to rep out training at the lowest point cost and teaches them how to handle themselves in more competitive settings. These sessions will focus more on developing the athlete's fundamentals and teaching them the importance of teamwork. We offer several different options in terms of packages. Each package allows the athlete to purchase a certain number of training sessions per month.

What we do

Skill Development

With the use of our advanced equipment, such as the shooting machine and training gloves, we are able to take our athlete's game to the next level.

Personal Growth

Building a relationship with our athletes and teaching them  character is just as important to us as developing their skills. We believe that athletes should be role models in their community.

Competitive Environment

Sports are competitive by nature, and we teach our athletes how to handle themselves in all situations. We provide a safe, yet competitive setting to allow our athletes to learn and prepare for game time situations.

What Our Clients Say


FAA Athlete

"Coach Manny was amazing. He made me feel comfortable right away. I came away from my session feeling a lot more confident about my game. Coach's passion for basketball is palpable."


Professional Basketball Player

"Manny is one of the most dedicated guys I’ve met. You normally don’t find a trainer who breaks down every element of your game and drives you to get better.  No matter the hour or day, he will always find time for you if you want to work. He’s next up."



"Coach Manny demonstrated a positive and encouraging approach during the session. Immediately after my son's first session, I could see an increase in confidence."

"Some people want it to happen,

some wish it would happen,

others make it happen."

Michael Jordan

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